About vimcolorschemes

vimcolorschemes is a small constellation of projects working on the common goal of building the ultimate resource for vim users to find the perfect color scheme for their development environment.

The focus here is always on the content. The simple design of the website make the color schemes the focal point of every page. Speed and accessibility are also part of the core mission of vimcolorschemes.

Key features 🚀

  • Daily updated list of hundreds of vim color scheme repositories
  • Awesome vim (or arrows) key bindings to navigate quickly through the whole site

Get Involved

vimcolorschemes is aimed to be a collaborative project, and you are invited to help. All types of involvement are welcome!

Developers, check out the development guide to start writing code.


Having issues with this website? Or do you have a game changing feature idea?

Bugs and feature requests are welcome. Make sure to follow the issue template before posting.

Is your vim color scheme not showing up?

vimcolorschemes scans GitHub every day looking for new color schemes to feature.

Make sure the word vim and at least one of the following keywords appear on the README or description:

  • theme
  • color scheme
  • colour scheme
  • colorscheme
  • colourscheme
Note: The words can be in any order. Example: "color scheme for vim" will work.

Still nothing? Feel free to create an issue on the GitHub repository.


Credit goes to all the creators of vim color schemes around GitHub 🎉